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responding to your home's cry for help

As far back as i can remember i have loved houses... and trees. ironically, to me the two bear a strong resemblance. much like a tree is for wildlife, i believe your home should be your sanctuary, your retreat from the world. a source of rest, refreshing, relaxation and inspiration. a gathering place for nurturing, celebrating and enjoying family and friends. a base from which you go out to be a productive member of society and return to to just "be". it should represent and reflect who you are at your core and help you to live each day to its fullest, changing organically to meet your needs. a tall order for any one entity to fill - unless it's a tree - or a Simply.Outstanding.Space.

Sue Rogers
Owner/Design Consultant


colour, furniture & accessory selection
sometimes you just get stuck with what to "do" with a room. where to start - or how to finish - to get the look you're after. sometimes you don't even know what look you're after. let us inspire you with style ideas - or help you bring your ideas to life. from choosing a paint colour to investing in new furniture or flooring, you want to get the decision right - the first time. ask anything, no question is insignificant or insurmountable.

interior & exterior space planning
do you have a room that feels awkward, needs more seating, or is begging for a fresh look? sometimes it's a matter of re-arranging the furniture, bringing other pieces from elsewhere in your home or investing in something new. how about that bare backyard that's begging to be finished for relaxing with family, entertaining friends or showcasing your gardening skills? whether you need fresh perspective on your existing space or a brand new creation, we can make the most of what you've got.

home2home design services
moving is such an exciting time - but can be very stressful with all the new-home decisions you need to make. will your furniture fit?… what colour should you paint? …should you up-grade the floors? the kitchen? the back deck? home2home design services take you from moving-out chaos to new-home settled, sorted and styled with less stress and more excitement.

furniture layout, edits & purchases… kitchen, bathroom & outdoor space redesign… paint colour, finishes & accessory selection… reno ranking for maximum ROI… style makeovers… contractor coordination… organized storage solutions… moving day management

new-build decision making
so you're building a new home! how exciting! and how overwhelming! all those finishes: flooring, windows, doors, cabinets and countertops... decisions that will be with you for years to come! you want to be sure your choices will express your personal style, have longevity and add value to your home. enjoy the process more with a little - or a lot of - expert guidance.

home staging for resale
so it's time to sell your current home and move on. in order to sell quickly and make the most profit, you want to show your home in its best light - homey but de-cluttered, inviting but ready for someone else's personal style. so many memories are tied up in our homes that it's often difficult to see where they need improvement. an objective consultant will make staging decisions based on what's best for your home's resale - so you can move on quickly and make new memories.

organizing with style
living in a well-organized home adds valuable time to your day. having "a place for everything and everything in its place" saves precious time for important activities (not that looking for your stapler/screwdriver/sock, again, isn't important). enter the need for streamlined, efficient and stylish, closets, playrooms, offices and garages. no space is too small, too big or too cluttered to scare us off.




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